Nikken NCT200/NCTZ200 Compact Rotary Table


Nikken NCT200/NCTZ200 Compact Rotary Table

Code / Item Number NCT200 NCTZ200
Diameter of Table ømm 200 200
Centre Height mm 135 135
Width of T Slot mm 12 12
Clamping System   Air Air
Clamping Torque N.m 900 900
MIN. Increment   0.001° 0.001°
Rotation Speed min -1 33.3 66.6
Total Reduction Ratio   1/90 1/45
Indexing Accuracy sec ±20 ±20
Net Weight kg 65 65
MAX Work Load on the Table    
Vertical kg 100 100
Horizontal kg 200 100
Driving Torque N.m 144 115

High Performance

Our NCT200 features a detachable faceplate system to provide versatility, a larger worm wheel for increased performance and the latest generation motors for simpler integration. The table provides much improved accuracy and a clamping torque of 900Nm, from a 200mm diameter table, our new NCT is the compact rotary to beat!

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Nikken NCT200/NCTZ200 Compact Rotary Table

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Features & Benefits

Nikken NCT200/NCTZ200 Compact Rotary Table

900Nm Brake Torque
Reliable indexing accuracy increases profitability
The super-high brake torque of 900Nm is generated by air supply only. Strong clamping torque and better indexing accuracy enhances productivity.

25% Greater Rigidity
Maintain high accuracy and reduce the total maintenance cost
The Drive system has been rerdesigned to provide a rigidity increase of 25%. High durability of the mechanism is allowed to maintain high accuracy and to accomplish high precision machining operation over the long term.

High Speed Performance
Reducing cycle time enhances productivity
A high speed “Z type” is also available with a modified worm gear resulting in double the rotational speed.

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