Ex-Demo and Refurbished Rotary Tables

Guaranteed performance at reduced cost


Often when Rotary Tables are taken in as part-exchange due to application changes it is cost-effective and environmentally friendly to perform a complete refurbishment. All refurbishments include complete strip down to component parts and castings before rebuilding with genuine manufacturer OEM parts.

Comprehensive cleaning and final powder coating to all external faces and covers. If required regrinding of contact surfaces and replacement of key internal parts (worm, wheel, bearings, seals, electronics) and full reinstatement of the rotary table to near original cosmetic condition and Original performance.

In addition to the refurbished units, NIKKEN also have a selection of Ex-Demo CNC Rotary Tables that, in many cases, have never been installed on to a machine tool. These range from products that have been used as static display stock at exhibitions, powered up with a NIKKEN Alpha Control as a moving demonstration or installed on a machine temporarily for demonstration purposes.

Purchasing a refurbished or Ex-Demo CNC Rotary Table from NIKKEN is a cost effective alternative to investing in a brand new unit, particularly when we currently have stock of a suitable unit for your application.